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Kendrick Dial, a Navy veteran, seamlessly blends social work training,  academia, and artistic expression. From radar technician to Substance Abuse Counselor, Kendrick’s journey ignited a commitment to social transformation. Equipped with a Bachelor’s in Africana Studies and a Master’s in Social Work, he’s a seasoned consultant navigating a myriad topics such as D.E.I, managing conflict, organizational health, social emotional intelligence and cultural dynamics that impact community and professional spaces. In the realm of equity and social justice, Kendrick loves to employ experiential learning, creating safe spaces for transformative connections.

His versatility extends to the arts, where he stands as a luminary artisan. Kendrick Dial is a cultural alchemist, distilling the essence of people and legacy into a compelling narrative that echoes with the heartbeat of humanity.

the man behind the vision

Creating Revolutionary Experiences To Advance Transformational Ideas & Vibrational Elevation

Bringing Creativity and Authenticity to everything we do.

Unleash your creativity and join us for an exciting journey of exploration and self-discovery. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a curious soul, we’ve got everything you need to take your creativity to the next level. 

As an Intuitive soul coach and learning experience alchemist, Kendrick Dial offers consulting and training services focused on creativity, strengths, and team building.

Kendrick provides customized coaching sessions and workshops using gamification, storytelling, and experiential learning techniques.

Each coaching program aims to unlock the potential of individuals and teams, creating a positive learning experience that translates into better outcomes. By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, organizations can achieve growth and success.

Kendrick Dial is a highly esteemed individual known for his expertise and involvement in the landscape of the arts while bridging the worlds of mental health, and social justice. He’s a poet, songwriter, producer, film-composer, filmmaker,  actor/ voice over actor, and playwright. 

As well as wearing all these hyphenated titles, he proudly bears the label of Culture Curator, reflecting his passion for creating experiences amongst the arts by fusing them into educational, live event, professional spaces  and performance industries. Over the years, Kendrick has built a reputation as a leader, strategist, and creative visionary, navigating the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment world with an unwavering dedication to cultivating new experiences and forging deep connections between performers and audiences.

His contributions to the field are immeasurable, as he has tirelessly worked to bring new perspectives, ideas, and talent to the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what we know and expect from live shows and performances. With Kendrick Dial at the helm, the future of live events and performance is bright.

As a performer, Kendrick has developed a keen ability to create an atmosphere of enjoyment, heart, and expression. He has also cultivated this in his role as a facilitator. His ability to create psychologically safe environments where participants can lean into vulnerability, and personal and communal reflections, fused with experiential learning allows participants to begin the transformational process from the moment they open themselves to the process. 

Over the years, Kendrick has developed his facilitation skillset in many roles and spaces. He served as a Substance Use Counselor for 3 years in the US Navy. He served as a trainer with the National Conflict Resolution Center for 4 years where he was introduced to navigating conversations around culture,  identity, diversity, equity, and inclusion coupled with teaching skills and mindsets for navigating conflict more effectively.

This eventually led to Kendrick facilitating Restorative Justice circles with the Restorative Justice Mediation Program. Navigating real-time circles with youth offenders, and the victims along with supportive parties for both sides. He also served as a trainer of other facilitators for RJMP. 

Kendrick continued to elevate these skills when he was recruited to support the Culturally Responsive Academy by developing and facilitating training to enhance the ability of social workers to work more effectively with African American families. He also supported the development of the Fatherhood series that aimed to develop the ability of social workers to work more effectively with fathers. Carving out his own lane via creativity, Kendrick has also facilitated workshops around participants understanding their voice through creativity and exploring how creativity aids in their personal and professional journeys. Kendrick’s approach to facilitation resembles his approach to his art. While he comes in with a plan and agenda for what is supposed to happen, he always allows space for the spirit of the room, the heart of the participants, and the need of a moment to take precedence as needed.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Kendrick for over 10 years, at which time I was fortunate to work with him on multiple projects. His skill, knowledge and background were invaluable. For the past three years I’ve had the opportunity to witness his talent as a trainer and a presenter. Kendrick doesn’t just share information he challenges people to think critically. His ability to ask the right questions is unparalleled. Kendrick can engage an audience while holding the space for difficult conversations. He is authentic and we all feel it. After attending his training, the word I typically use to describe the experience is “phenomenal”.
P. Scott
Coach and Consultant
Kendrick was such a pleasure to work with! We worked with Kendrick to create a song for a music video to share our nonprofit’s organizational mission and impact with the community and stakeholders. From the melody to lyrics, Kendrick is incredibility creative and really executed the vision we had for this project. Everyone who has seen the music video has absolutely loved the messaging and music.
Catherine Van Weele
Coordinator Junior Achievement of San Diego County
Kendrick is a master facilitator. He knows how to command a room but does so with ease and empathy. Folks who attend his speaking engagements walk away with deep insights that can be put to use immediately. I’m trying to keep it professional, but I would also add that you are supremely cool and talented!
K. Judge
Leadership Coach
Kendrick has a soul-centric presence in every space he steps foot in. He shows up wholeheartedly and authentically engages audiences and individuals alike in becoming experts on themselves.
Dr. Cromer



8 am-12 pm

Lululemon: Take Space Art Movement

Dress to Work Out​

1835 Creative Studio,
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Church Mental Health Summit

Bayview Church
6134 Pastor Timothy J. Winters Street (92114)



UCSD Intersections Concert Series Feat:
The Lyrical Groove

1100 Market St. San Diego, Ca 92101