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Kendrick Dial is a multi-talented individual who exemplifies the power of focusing on strengths and merging passion with purpose.

With a background in Africana Studies and Psychology from SDSU and an MSW from USC, Kendrick serves in diverse roles as an artist, counselor, consultant, coach, trainer, and teaching artist.

He has collaborated with various organizations, including the Old Globe Theatre, and has been involved in projects that promote social justice and community-building.

As a spoken word artist, Kendrick has published a poetry book, hosted popular open mic events, and co-founded the award-winning spoken soul band, the Lyrical Groove. His dedication to the arts and commitment to making a positive impact shine through his creative endeavors and collaborative efforts.



Bringing Creativity and Authenticity to everything we do.

Unleash your creativity and join us for an exciting journey of exploration and self-discovery. Whether you’re an aspiring artist or a curious soul, we’ve got everything you need to take your creativity to the next level. 

As an Intuitive soul coach and learning experience alchemist, Kendrick Dial offers consulting and training services focused on creativity, strengths, and team building.

Kendrick provides customized coaching sessions and workshops using gamification, storytelling, and experiential learning techniques.

Each coaching program aims to unlock the potential of individuals and teams, creating a positive learning experience that translates into better outcomes. By fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration, organizations can achieve growth and success.

Kendrick Dial is a highly esteemed individual known for his expertise and involvement in the world of culture and the arts.

Although he could have assumed many titles, he proudly bears the label of Culture Curator, reflecting his passion and devotion to the live event and performance industries. Over the years, Kendrick has built a reputation as a leader, strategist, and creative visionary, navigating the ever-changing landscape of the entertainment world with an unwavering dedication to cultivating new experiences and forging deep connections between performers and audiences.

His contributions to the field are immeasurable, as he has tirelessly worked to bring new perspectives, ideas, and talent to the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what we know and expect from live shows and performances. With Kendrick Dial at the helm, the future of live events and performance is bright.

With years of experience and undeniable talent in his field, Kendrick has the knowledge and expertise necessary to take your platform to the next level.

His innovative ideas and contagious enthusiasm will leave you feeling motivated and excited about what’s possible.

Whether you are in need of a guest for your podcast or a consultant for your organization, Kendrick is the perfect choice. His ability to articulate complex concepts in a clear and accessible manner makes him ideal for any medium. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from one of the industry’s most insightful creatives.


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I have had the pleasure of knowing Kendrick for over 10 years, at which time I was fortunate to work with him on multiple projects. His skill, knowledge and background were invaluable. For the past three years I’ve had the opportunity to witness his talent as a trainer and a presenter. Kendrick doesn’t just share information he challenges people to think critically. His ability to ask the right questions is unparalleled. Kendrick can engage an audience while holding the space for difficult conversations. He is authentic and we all feel it. After attending his training, the word I typically use to describe the experience is “phenomenal”.
P. Scott
Coach and Consultant
Kendrick has a soul-centric presence in every space he steps foot in. He shows up wholeheartedly and authentically engages audiences and individuals alike in becoming experts on themselves.
Dr. Cromer
Kendrick was such a pleasure to work with! We worked with Kendrick to create a song for a music video to share our nonprofit’s organizational mission and impact with the community and stakeholders. From the melody to lyrics, Kendrick is incredibility creative and really executed the vision we had for this project. Everyone who has seen the music video has absolutely loved the messaging and music.
Catherine Van Weele
Coordinator Junior Achievement of San Diego County
Kendrick is a master facilitator. He knows how to command a room but does so with ease and empathy. Folks who attend his speaking engagements walk away with deep insights that can be put to use immediately. I’m trying to keep it professional, but I would also add that you are supremely cool and talented!
K. Judge
Leadership Coach



Hidden Vibes

San Diego, CA


Hidden Vibes

San Diego, CA



Hidden Vibes

San Diego, CA