One of the niches I am carving out is working with other artists and creatives to define purpose, passion, clarity and direction. There have been a myriad of artistic colleagues I have been fortunate enough work with in this capacity. In 2018, I started managing and artist/friend by the name of Cedrice. She is a talented vocalist and speaker that is continuously working to find her way, develop her talent and inspire others to do the same. 

Cedrice is a soulful and inspiring vocalist that is finding her way in a world that is often dictated by labels and boundaries. She is an artist redefining what it means to find your way in a world that doesn't give you directions. Cedrice is a focused creative who has a range of talents that not only include singer/songwriter, but is also a model, actress, producer, visionary, and has recently become a highly sought out speaker.

In 2018, she was one of the 10 artists across America selected to be a part of a nation wide tour with Jameson Whiskey spirits. In 2017, she acted in her first debut Off Broadway show "Agnus" in New york City and prior to that she held the lead role in the premier of a Spoken Word Opera called Ordinary Magic. Inspired by her community and family, she captivates audiences with honest conviction, sophistication and soulfoulness. It's what keeps her work thriving and in demand. 

She recently released her first single, "Woman" which includes a music video and is available on all major platforms. 

She is currently working on her debut EP that will be available next spring. 


 Keomi is the Director and Choreographer of abunDANCE with Keo, where she uses movement, facilitation, workshops, and many art forms to encourage her community to create, live, and love abundantly. She is known for her strong and unapologetic movements, her transparency, and her smile. Her purpose is to use her gift to remind others how valuable and beautiful they are. You can find Keomi teaching her students the elements of Hip Hop throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC, creating affirmations with her friends, and hugging her mother.