Whether it is finding out how your passion can connect with your profession or figuring out how to maintain a creative space in the mist of life’s hectic demands. Creative Engagement is the means by which I provide therapy and coaching centered around creatives/artist exploring how to utilize their creativity in their lives and artists who have decided to pursue the arts as a profession but find themselves in the mist of life’s challenges along their path. I specialize in helping creatives on various levels develop a space to live a thriving life.

A lot of folks see the word creative and automatically think of an artist type such as a singer, poet, actor, musician or a painter.  Although, they are the most common ways we seem to see creativity expressed, I see creativity as part of the human experience but our communication of that creativity may differ. In my eye, the scientist is just as much a creative as the songwriter. The secretary who is able to develop a filing system understands the artistry of organization. That secretary knows how to create order and there lies the connection of the creative. The outcomes will vary but they are real nonetheless.

Webster defines “art” as…

“the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. “

I would also add functional or practical power.

I once asked a gentlemen if he was a creative and he said, “no”. I asked him what he did for a living and he said he was a field trauma nurse. I asked for clarity and he stated that  if someone gets hurt while on a mountain or desert or some place, he basically gets helicoptered in, stabilizes the person until they can get to a hospital. So if you had to stick a straw in his trachea so he could breathe type stuff and he chuckled and said, something like that?

So is that not creative?

He looked at me with an astonished glaze over his eye with the realization that he had never looked at it like that before.

This is the insight I hope to explore, to show others how their creativity lives within them. Others might have a more practical approach where the already be in touch with their creativity but are not Un sure how to find time to access or what role it should play in their lives. Understanding how this connects with life fulfillment is crucial to being able to succeed in life.